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Instrument Rentals

Violin Workshop

Grand Rapids Violins offers high-quality rental instruments for students, including rental violins, violas, cellos and basses. What sets us apart from other rental businesses in the West Michigan area is the work we put in to setting up each rental instrument with a professional eye for detail. Each of our rental instruments is set up by a professional luthier, guaranteeing that it will sound as best as possible. Find our rental forms and terms below. 

Rental Packages

Rental package includes:

  • instrument

  • bow

  • case

  • rosin

  • cleaning cloth

  • humidifier


Every instrument is set up here in the shop with hand-carved bridges and sound posts, as well as custom-adjusted fingerboards and pegs.

Trade-In or Build Equity

Renters who are actively renting and are ready for the next size of instrument may trade their current rental instrument for the next size at no charge. Please let us know as far in advance as possible so we can ensure we have the necessary size available.

Rental payments can also be put toward equity in the instrument, allowing your family to put your monthly payment toward 50 percent of the total instrument cost. 


Our rental program also covers routine maintenance costs such as: 

  • gluing open seams

  • adjustments to bridges, sounds posts and pegs

  •  a yearly bow rehair

  • a new set of standard strings once per year or as needed

  • yearly checkup

Renters should inform GRV immediately when maintenance is required.

Haide VN Top NB.png

Jay Haide à L'Ancienne

We are proud to carry the Jay Haide line of violins, violas, and cellos. As beautiful tonally as they are visually, the Jay Haide à l'ancienne has been designed for the advancing student and professional who needs an instrument that will compliment and enhance their artistic style. In addition, we also carry a quality rental perfect for students as they grow, learn, and advance on their instrument.

Monthly instrument pricing.png
Violin Practice

Why spend a little more on a nicer rental for a young student or first instrument?

Our rentals cost a little more than some other places in town. That's because we offer higher quality instruments.


Although parents are sometimes reluctant to invest in an instrument for a young musician just trying out an instrument or for a child who is still growing, renting a slightly higher quality instrument with a professional set up can actually make learning easier and more successful, helping a student gain enthusiasm and confidence for the long-term. 

Interested in Renting? Fill out our form below. 

Thank you for reaching out about our rental program. Someone will reach out with more information ASAP. 

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